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KCI Industrial Chemicals | HOME Formulating and manufacturing products for the: metal finishing/metal working, water treatment and food sanitation industries KCI High Quality Specialty Chemicals Serving the Industrial Market since 1969
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KCI is a leader in Nano Ceramic Coatings Technology ISO 9001 Certified  
  KCI Chemical Company formulates and manufactures cleaners, metalworking fluids, non phosphates pre treatment, phosphates pre treatment, and waste water treatment. We are committed to:  
    Developing products with minimal environmental impact.
The storage and use of materials which minimize environmental harm
Waste minimization through manufacturing controls and liquid waste evaporation.
Seeking suppliers who are also committed to the environment.
Encouraging our employees and customers to adopt good environmental practices
Continuous improvements of environmental performance
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What is KCI 80 Degrees?
Combined 80° cleaning and pretreatment system with nano ceramic coating technology saves you money. Our customers are experiencing substantial savings of $10,000 to $20,000/year by decreasing temperatures from 130° to 80° Metal laser cut


  Energy SavingThe current trend is to “go green” but at KCI Industrial Chemicals we’ve been green for over 25 years!
Learn more about how our 80 Degrees products not only save you money, but also save the environment!
  specialty industrial chemicalsThe N Series provides excellent paint corrosion protection According to the Society of Metal Finishing, nano ceramic coatings are far superior to iron phosphates in both powder and wet coat applications.
  Chemical manufacturing facility, NW IndianaWith a corporate office outside Chicago, and a manufacturing facility in northwest Indiana, we are uniquely situated to serve your needs. We formulate and manufacture our products at a 28,000 sq. ft. plant in Kingsbury, Indiana, and are ISO 9001 certified.