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Formulating and manufacturing products for the: metal finishing/metal working, water treatment and food sanitation industries KCI High Quality Specialty Chemicals Serving the Industrial Market since 1969



“The Absolute Leader in Room Temperature
Phosphatizing and Cleaning”

KCI Chemical Company is a producer of industrial chemicals based in the Midwest and is a wholly owned U.S. chemical company. Serving the United States market with a corporate office outside Chicago, and a manufacturing facility in northwest Indiana, we are uniquely situated to serve your needs.

Since its founding in 1969, KCI Chemical Company recently experienced dramatic growth of its new line of ROOM TEMPERATURE TECHNOLOGY for powder-coating and wet coat pre-treatment systems.

The following industries are using KCI room temperature technology: automotive, appliance, metal fabricating, powder-coating job shops, truck component manufacturers, steel drum industry, industrial cart manufactures and the speaker industry. The average three stage system operating at 120 degrees Farenheit and reducing to 80 – 90 degrees Farenheit can save as much as $3,000 per month in energy costs. This room temperature line consists of cleaners, defoamers, iron phosphates and non-chrome sealants.

KCI also manufactures synthetic and oil base lubricants that aid in the ability of our cleaning systems to maximize performance. Our metal working fluids include wielding anti-splatter, tapping, drilling and cutting fluids. KCI Chemical Company also has a full line of metal working fluids. Our water base lubricants have been utilized in the appliance, trucking, and metal drum manufacturing operations.

KCI Chemical Company provides a unique, innovative approach to solving customers problems -- ownership of our accounts. Total system, engineering approach with increased service visits, daily service and technical support during system start-ups, and dedicated service by a technically degreed service rep utilizing computer generated reports. KCI Chemical Company takes a proactive approach designed to identify and correct potential problems before they occur.

We formulate and manufacture our products at a 28,000 sq. ft. plant in Kingsbury, Indiana, test all products for quality control minimums, and are ISO 9001 certified. 5% of sales revenue is invested back into R&D to ensure KCI remains on the cutting edge of new technology. Automation provides consistent bath chemistry 100% of the time for improved results and regular business review meetings to ensure quality and consistency is maintained.

  • SPC Charting and Troubleshooting
  • QA Certificates of Analysis
  • American Owned and Operated.
  • Proactive and Responsive Company.
  • Dedicated to Custom Formulating.
  • Manufacture Our Own Products
  • Blending and Warehousing
  • Focused on Environmental Preservation
  • R & D Environmentally Directed
  • Unparalleled chemical technology for cleaning and phosphatizing.
  • Guaranteed system performance.
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