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Formulating and manufacturing products for the: metal finishing/metal working, water treatment and food sanitation industries KCI is a leader in Nano Ceramic Coatings Technology


What is KCI 80 Degrees?

Combined 80 cleaning and pretreatment system with nano ceramic coating technology saves you money. Our customers are experiencing substantial savings of $10,000 to $20,000/year by decreasing temperatures from 130 to 80 Metal laser cut


  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Display
  • Drum
  • Electronic Components      
  • Job Shops
  • Metal Finishing
  • Truck Components
  • Utility Trailers
  • Utility Trucks


  Featured Product: KCI 80 Degrees   Featured Product: KCI Nano Ceramic  
  By decreasing temperatures from 130 to 80 you experience substantial savings   Non phosphate detergent nano ceramic coatings clean coat and seal all in one.  
KCI Product Line

KCI Chemical Company starts with a premium quality Abrasive Powder for precision metal grinding, lapping quartz crystals, precision optics, opthalmic lenses, electronic components, semi-conductor substrates, or other lapping applications. Our Micro Aluminas feature a flat plate-like shaped crystal structure which reduces surface damage. We offer a wide variety of powder types that consist of Optical, Crystal Finishing, Aluminum Oxides, Brown & White Fused, Silicon Carbide, and Lapidary Polishing Aluminas, in a large selection of grain sizes. Our abrasive blending room is isolated and quality controlled, which insures your product will be pure and contaminent free.  Call us today for a free sample.
  Food Industry Maintenance
KCI Chemical offers cleaning and sanitation products for the food industry.  We can help you maintain your Food Processing equipment, fryers, etc. with high and low foaming soaps and degreasers.  We even have floor cleaners, hand soaps, and EPA approved conveyor lubes for food plants.

Metal Pretreament
KCI Chemical has been serving the metal pretreatment industry since the 1960's.  We have an extensive formulary of Acid, Alkaline, and Neutral Cleaning Products, Phosphate Conversion Coatings, Non-Phosphate Conversion Coatings, Nanotechnology Coatings, Ambient and Eco Friendly Final Seals & Rinses Aids, Non-Chrome Metal Treatments, Paint Strippers, and Laser Scale Removal Chemicals.

KCI Chemical offers oils, semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic chemistries. We supply products and services for Grinding, Tapping, Cutting, Quenching, and Broaching. Machine, Hydrolic, and Gear Oils. Wire Draw, Stamping & Drawing. Oil Cleaners & Maintenance Chemicals,  Vibratory Deburring Soaps,  Rust Preventives, Sump Cleaners.
  Paint Strippers
KCI Chemical provides it's customers with custom formulated paint and coating strippers, specializing in the latest green technologies.  We offer products for a variety of substrates.
  Plant Maintenance
KCI Chemical manufactures floor cleaners, equipment degreasers, hand soaps, hydrolic oils, and conveyor lubes.
  Water Treatment
KCI Chemical has a variety of water treatment products for cooling water, boiler water, and their related equipment. We provide Biocides, Oil dispersants, Bio-dispersants, Deposit control, Corrosion inhibition,
products for Closed Loop Waste Treatment, Scale dispersants, Oxygen scavengers, Boiler sludge control.
Plasma Green products are general purpose quenchant concentrates for multi-metals. They are designed to provide corrosive protection to the work piece and water table and inhibit bioactivity in plasma torch, oxy-acetylene, M.A.P.P. gas metal cutting operations. A recommended solution of 5% will provide excellent tank life, and can be maintained by simple additions of product until soil load or contaminants dictate a dump. This product has an inherent green tint to aid in concentration control.

FEATURES: Provides excellent corrosion resistance for indoor storage. Excellent tank life with regular additions of product. Superior bioactivity control (bacteria, fungus, algae). Economical - use 5% concentration. Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe. Concentrate is stable for long term storage. Non-foaming. Effective at Ambient Temperatures.. Does not contain amines, solvents, waxes, lead, barium or sodium molybdate. Not reportable under SARA. Plasma Green products are designed to be left on the work piece to provide corrosion protection, and can be painted without detrimental results. If desired, any residue left by Plasma Green can be easily cleaned with solvent or standard alkaline wash.

Plasma Green 1050 is a fantastic general purpose quench for water tables in plasma, oxy-acetylene, and MAPP gas cutting operations. Plasma Green 1050 provides excellent corrosion resistance and biostability.
    pH < 10.5
    Spec Gravity 1.08
    Green Transparent Liquid
Plasma Green 1200
Plasma Green 1200 is a fantastic general purpose quench for water tables in plasma, oxy-acetylene, and MAPP gas cutting operations. Plasma Green 1200 provides excellent corrosion resistance and biostability. Plasma Green 1200 is formulated to quench parts that are thicker than 1/4", forgings, and castings.
    pH < 10.5
    Spec Gravity 1.08
    Green Transparent Liquid
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