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Time-Tested and Industry Endorsed Rust-Inhibitors, Lapping Compounds, Metal Pretreatment, Paint Strippers, Plant Maintenance, Food Industry Maintenance and Quenchants

Our team of technically degreed service reps will improve your productivity with a total system, pro-active, engineering approach and dedicated service.

  • American Owned and Operated
  • Guaranteed System Performance
  • Proactive and Responsive Company
  • Manufacture our Own Products
  • Dedicated to Custom Formulating
  • Unparalleled Chemical Technology for Cleaning and Phosphatizing
  • Focused on Environmental Preservation
  • R & D Environmentally Directed
  • SPC Charting and Troubleshooting
  • QA Certificates of Analysis 

Plasma CNC Table Additives

Plasma Green 1050 - Economical rust prevent & bioactivity control additive for over 10 years. Perfect for cutting steel. Non-hazardous & non-toxic.  Proven effective at 2% concentration or 50:1. Safe to dispose for most municipalities.

Plasma Green 9010 - Advanced chemistry table additive that is safe for stainless & cold rolled steel, aluminum, and mixed metals.  Non-hazardous & non-toxic. Proven effective at 50:1, or 2% concentration. Non-staining. Does not contain nitrite. Safe to dispose for most municipalities.  

Plasma Add AF - Freeze prevent additive. Use with our Plasma Green 1050 or 9010 additives to prevent solution from freezing down to below 0 F.

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KCI Industrial Chemicals provides you with exceptional customer service and the highest quality oils, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic chemistries. We are the leader in products and services for:

  • Grinding, Tapping, Cutting, Quenching and Broaching
  • Machine, Hydraulic and Gear Oils
  • Wire Draw, Stamping and Drawing
  • Oil Cleaners and Maintenance Chemicals
  • Vibratory Deburring Soaps
  • Rust Preventives
  • Sump Cleaners

Lapping Compounds

KCI’s superior lapping compounds start with a premium quality abrasive powder for precision metal grinding, lapping quartz crystals, precision optics, ophthalmic lenses, electronic components, semiconductor substrates and more. 

Our Micro Aluminas feature a flat plate-like shaped crystal structure which reduces surface damage to your equipment. With the formula you need, our lapping compounds will save you time and money. Our wide variety of powder types consist of Optical, Crystal Finishing, Aluminum Oxides, Brown & White Fused, Silicon Carbide and Lapidary Polishing Aluminas, in a large selection of grain sizes. 

Your lapping compound is prepared in our state-of-the-art abrasive blending room. Isolated and quality controlledyour product will be pure and contaminant free. Call us today for a free sample. 

Gear Industry

  • Fast Lap 4180
  • Fast Lap 4220

Metal Pretreatment

Serving the metal pretreatment industry since the 1960s, KCI Industrial Chemicals is time-tested and industry endorsed. We’ll keep you covered with an extensive formulary of:

  • Acid, Alkaline and Neutral Cleaning Products
  • Phosphate Conversion Coatings and Non-Phosphate Conversion Coatings
  • Nanotechnology Coatings
  • Ambient and Eco-Friendly Final Seals and Rinse Aids
  • Non-Chrome Metal Treatments
  • Paint Strippers
  • Laser Scale Removal Chemicals

Paint Strippers

Specializing in the latest eco-friendly technologies, KCI Chemical provides you with custom formulated paint and coating strippers. To meet your specific needs, we offer products for a variety of substrates. Call us today for more information.

KCI's introducing: Envirostrip 8710 - Non-Hazardous Paint Stripper 


KCI Chemical manufactures floor cleaners, equipment degreasers, hand soaps, hydraulic oils and conveyor lubes, along with the most state-of-the-art in floor plant maintenance: Trans Clean Extra

Trans Clean Extra - A powerful cleaner used in many auto service shops in the Chicagoland area. 

Food Industry Maintenance

Protect your food products and equipment with KCI’s cleaning and sanitation products, made specifically for the food industry. We will help you maintain your food processing equipment, fryers and more with high and low foaming soaps and degreasers. Inquire today about our floor cleaners, hand soaps and EPA approved conveyor lubes for food plants. 

Why KCI?

KCI Industrial Chemicals - Konzen Chemicals, Inc. has been in business since 1969. Our proven strength is our ability to audit manufacturing metal processes and provide the best products to be used specifically for your industry’s needs. We do this by hiring experienced personnel that are not only sales representatives, but have the experience to do technical service. You will never have to wait for answers.

Industries served:

  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Display
  • Drum
  • Electronic Components    
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Job Shops
  • Metal Finishing
  • Truck Components
  • Utility Trailers
  • Utility Trucks

We are committed to:

  • Developing products with minimal environmental impact.
  • The storage and use of materials which minimize environmental harm.
  • Waste minimization through manufacturing controls and liquid waste evaporation.
  • Seeking suppliers who are committed to the environment.
  • Encouraging our employees and customers to adopt good environmental practices.

With a corporate office outside of Chicago and a manufacturing facility in Northwest Indiana, we are uniquely situated to serve industries nationwide. We formulate and manufacture our products in our 28,000 sq. ft. plant in Kingsbury, Indiana. 

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Manufacturing Plant

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